My fitness programs take your workout routines to the next level with full-body, intensity challenges and routines.

Get expert tips, exercises, and routines to improve not only your health, but also your well-being. Offering yoga, Tai Chi, weight training and a great fusion of all three to create a different workout experience. My fitness programs are catered to each individual after an initial consultation and discussion about your fitness goals.


My yoga fitness programs reduce stress, reconnect  yourself, or maybe even get back that pre-baby body. Become addicted to the calming feeling that carries through your day. To the new love and respect you have for yourself and your body. Yoga can improve posture, stress levels, strength, flexibility and balance.

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Tai Chi

When the Western world thinks of "martial arts," it inevitably thinks of kicking, punching, fighting, and body contact. Not slow, rhythmic, and meditative body movements designed to enhance relaxation, inner calm, and peace. Our Tai Chi fitness programs are an exciting, challenging alternative to boring, regular workouts.

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Weight training

My fitness programs are designed to develop strength of skeletal muscles. It utilizes the force of gravity in the form of weightsin order to oppose the force generated by muscle. My fitness programs involve an intro to sensible motion and muscle memory that emphasize toning your body to its maximum potential.

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Fitness Programs for Men

Wen should you start? now

So now you have made the choice to make a change, but you don't know what fitness programs you should do. There's no better time than now to contact me and have a preliminary discussion on what goals are and what you want to achieve. Contact me now and find out the program that is best for you!

Yoga, weight training, tai chi

Use this super-simple body-weight workout to burn fat, tone every muscle and improve your fitness. How do it: Perform this workout as a circuit, completing the prescribed number of repetitions of each exercise without resting.

Fitness programs for women

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